Baby’s Story

When you find out her name is Baby, the only thing to say is “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” And although this Baby doesn’t have a Patrick Swayze to dirty dance with, she sure is a lovely character! Lynne’s Baby was adopted just before the UK went into the second lockdown. She was one of the lucky hens that we were able to be rehomed before we were told to pause rehomings for November.

When Lynne first saw Baby, she was “as light as a feather”, she was a very small hen but Lynne knew she had a big heart. It took her a long time for her to get her strength up before her personality began to shine through. Lynne tells us “She always did and still does steal everyone else’s food.” It seems that little Baby was just raring to get a good piece of the meal and would not let anyone stop her!

“I lost count of the number of times over the summer that I lost my slice of pizza or biscuit that I had brought out to sit and eat in the garden”. Sounds to us like Baby has a particular interest in the human food! What makes Baby special to Lynne is that she is unlike any other hen that she has.
Contrary to her size when Lynne first got her and what her name would suggest, she is the most inquisitive and fearless of Lynne’s six hens. She is obviously the most courageous if she’s able to steal pizza!

And even though she likes to steal human food, Lynne tells us that in actual fact, her favourite food is banana, so she’s a healthy hen if that!

When asking Lynne what she has learnt from Baby’s transformation she told us “I feel so rewarded every time I look at her. She had obviously not been able to get any food in her previous place and it must have been such a hell of a life. Makes me so happy to see her enjoying scratching about in the sunshine.”

Lynne’s tip for those that might be considering rehoming a hen is that you should just go for it! “They are so easy to care for and you can make such a difference”. If you have a hen like Baby who has a story to tell or a great transformation, please don’t hesitate to fill in the form below. We love hearing about all the amazing stories of the hens that have been adopted to loving homes!

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