Buttercup’s Story

This gorgeous hen is called Buttercup. Emma named all of their six adopted hens after wildflowers. And, as Buttercup’s feathers grew, they noticed that her feathers were lighter than some of the other hens, so that decided her name.
Starting from the top of the pecking order they have; Clover, Buttercup, Berry, Bramble, Dandelion and Daisy.

All six hens were eerily quiet to begin with. Buttercup was also incredibly nervous and wary. Emma tells us, “We kept the hens in the run for a few days after adoption so that they could acclimatize. Although nervous, when we opened the door to the run, Buttercup was the only one to venture out.” She wasn’t sure about the feel of grass and kept lifting her feet which was a funny sight for the family. When Buttercup came home with Emma it was an emotional day. To see her with hardly any feathers and looking so pale, the family now look back a what a blessing life must have been for Buttercup and her sisters. “It was a pleasure to watch her as she got her first taste of freedom”, Emma recalls.

Buttercup is deputy to Clover, making her second in command of the flock. She takes her duties very seriously and the family often see her hanging out with the boss and keeping the others in order. Of all the hens, she has become the friendliest and now lets them stroke her. She comes up for a chat and a cuddle whenever she is in the mood for some extra TLC.

Emma tells us that Buttercup is special to them as she looked so poorly when they first adopted her but now she is just gorgeous. “She’s happy, friendly and we all love spending time with her”.

She loves a corn treat and jumps up onto the coop roof to get their attention when they’re outside! She’s very partial to goosegrass and has been known to steal it from Clover, and do a runner!

Buttercup’s biggest change is her physical appearance. She has gone from a pitiful, nearly naked bird to a stunning hen with a full body of beautiful feathers.

Emma tells us “All six hens that we adopted last August 2020, are now part of my family’s everyday lives. We all look after them and enjoy just being with them. They each have their own personalities and make us really laugh and they’ve definitely made up for their quiet start! We just wouldn’t be without them”.

Whilst these lovely animals are relatively easy to look after, they do need regular care, and this is something that Emma is a strong believer in. “They cannot just be left to their own devices. It is also important that they have plenty of space. They need exercise to keep healthy and stimulate their active, cheeky minds! Adopting hens is a wonderful, rewarding thing to do. I have never had hens before and I’m so glad that they’re now part of our family”. And we think that is the best way to look at it!

Buttercup is an amazing hen. Emma will never forget watching her first few tentative steps into the open world and she’s so proud of the wonderful, happy and confident hen that she has become! If you have a hen like Buttercup or hen a hen that has a great story to tell then please share it with us by filling in the form below so that we can continue to share these stories with everyone!

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