Clara’s Story

Clara is one of these hens that really warms our hearts here at the BHWT. When Belinda, her keeper, took her home she was a shadow of a hen. She was very weak and couldn’t walk or even lift her own head. She was bald down the front of her body and looked so very sad at first, Belinda worrying that she only had hours to live.

But now, eight wonderful months on Clara is larger than life itself! Clara follows Belinda everywhere she goes, running into the house to keep her company in her art studio. It’s lovely to hear Belinda tell us that Clara is fully feathered, runs everywhere and is full of life and happiness. An amazing transformation in personality.

Belinda tells us “Clara has shown me that there is always hope and that love can heal the most broken of creatures” which is true for many of our keepers. Hens are more than pets, they are our companions and part of the family. All you have to do is give them love and affection and they turn into these heart-melting, funny creatures! If there’s one thing to take away from rehoming an ex-caged hen its Belinda’s tips for anyone thinking of rehoming. She says “be patient and give them the life they deserve and they will give you more back than they take”.

Clara is a bold little hen now. Belinda tells us of how she loves to chase the cats, stealing their mice from underneath them! She also loves to share tea and biscuits with Belinda – what a fancy hen she is! Clara also loves to sit in plant pots in Belinda’s garden and survey the flock. It sounds like she has a very cheeky personality!

Clara is not the only hen that has transformed this year. Throughout 2020, the BHWT has been able to rehome a staggering 55,000 hens. This has been through Covid, through avian influenza and now the housing order. But we want to do so much more and hear even more incredible transformation stories like Clara’s. If you’ve got a story about one of your hen’s transformations, please fill in the Transformation Tuesday form so we can share it. We love seeing how a little bit of love can change a hen’s life and spread the word.

Submit your Transformation Tuesday in the form below for a chance to be featured on our website and social media, or head over to our Get Involved page, where you can make a direct impact to the lives of hens right now.

Are you inspired by our latest Transformation Tuesday? Then why not create your own amazing story by rehoming hens with us? Or, you can give a home to a handsome young man and adopt a cockerel.

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