Duckie’s Story

This week, we would like to present the lovely Duckie. Rehomed this January, Duckie was taken home by wonderful Liz who has been able to tell us so much about Duckie’s transformation. When she began her new life with Liz she was a very poorly hen and she needed a lot of TLC, like most rehomed hens. Luckily for Duckie, she made a strong recovery and is now fully feathered and has a character larger than life!

Liz tells us “she loves nothing more than hopping over the fence to next-door’s back garden to lay her eggs for them. We don’t know why, but that’s how she likes it”

Not only does she now rule the roost in both Liz’s and her neighbours garden, but she also is one diva hen, expecting to always be hand-fed her food. It came about after she was first poorly when Liz would hand-feed her to make sure she was getting enough nutrients. Now, she thinks that she should be fed treats by hand always and not have to run and compete with the other girls.

Liz tells us “if you throw seed she just looks up at you and waits. She also makes the most adorable ‘uh-oh’ noise when she is picked up as she thinks she’s having medicine. She’s bottom hen so she does get a lot of extra attention”

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Liz tells us about the time when she had builders at her house for some renovations when suddenly Duckie ran off with one of the builder’s sandwiches. “She basically thinks humans are there to serve her”. We couldn’t help but laugh at Duckie’s tenaciousness.

We also like to ask about what keepers have learnt from their hen’s transformation. Liz told us “One thing we learned is that with such a clearly frail hen, is to look at the size of her eggs” as this can be a big indicator on how your hen is doing. “We also now do weekly weigh-in’s with the girls just to keep an eye on any weight loss as it’s a good early indicator of illness”.

Duckie’s transformation has been a great addition to our transformation Tuesdays! We would like to invite any of you that have your own stories to contact us or fill in the form below. 

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