Edith’s Story

Back in July 2020, Edith was rehomed on the same day as new sisters Mary and Sybil.  The first thing that their keeper, Amy, noticed was how quiet they were, to begin with. Amy couldn’t help but think how were pale and sad looking the three hens were but was determined to give them the best life she could. Amy tells us “I have a huge enclosure on our smallholding for them with the geese and they barely came out of their coop.”

As many people may know, when adopting ex-caged hens, you realise that they are very naïve in the beginning. They don’t understand rain or the sun, they have to be put to bed for the first couple of nights and you have to encourage them to come out.

Amy tells us of how Edith was the boniest of the three and she was worried me a lot about how Edith might survive. Edith spent three days and three nights in Amy’s spare room, in the warm on her own as Amy found out that she had some crop issues. It was at this moment that Amy thought it was game over. But the sun came up on the fourth day and Edith seemed to have overcome her crop problem. She went back to the flock with oodles of attitude, she was finally well enough that her personality was beginning to shine through!

Since then, Amy tells us “she now leaps up at me when I’m filling their feeders and hitches a ride on my Embden Ganders back, much to his dismay”. The hens and the geese are surely the best of friends!

Amy’s advice for those thinking of adopting some wonderful ex-caged hens is to keep treats to a minimal. “Keep them fed with grit, shell and layers and loads of freshwater. The most important thing I do for them is giving them plenty of space for exercise and learning”.

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