Fliss’s Story

When Fliss first came home with Lucy, she looked tiny and was very jumpy. She’d quickly been identified as the bottom of the pecking order by the other girls that she had been adopted with. Lucy had adopted Fliss from other hen keepers who had, initially, decided to keep her. But after her being bullied, Lucy contacted them asking if she could rehome Fliss, to keep her other hen, Raven company. Her feathers were sparse at first, but they had started to grow back when Lucy brought her into her home.

Since coming home with Lucy, Fliss is much more confident. Lucy tells us “She comes straight up to me to see what I’ve got for her and gets right in my face, jumping up to try and grab what’s in my hand even before I’ve managed to open the coop door!”

At first, Lucy was concerned about introducing her to a much younger, fitter hen than Fliss, thinking that she’d have to keep them separated for quite a while before letting them loose on each other. But Lucy had nothing to worry about, she introduced them at night time so they had to go to sleep together straight away. Lucy tells us “I had my head torch on so I could see but this meant they could see too….and Fliss immediately pecked Raven on the head and she’s been boss ever since!”

One thing that Lucy told us was “These are THE cheapest hens I’ve ever had! My previous hens would shout their heads off every morning at 5:00 am for cucumber! Fliss and Raven just love grass so when I go out and start plucking a handful of grass every day my neighbours must think I’ve lost the plot but the girls go nuts for it!” She also tells us that they love their dry corn. “I give them a handful as a treat every day and when it’s really cold I give it to them twice, once before bedtime as it helps to warm their bodies internally.”

Lucy tells us that one of the most important things she would advise people who were to adopt ex-caged hens would be to be prepared for investing every day in them, they do in fact become part of the family. Lucy cleans her hens out every single day “daily poo collect from the nest box isn’t very glamorous! – and don’t expect them to be grateful for the freshly washed and refilled water or food dispensers, they won’t care if they flip it over within seconds, they’ll just shout until you sort it out!”

Another tip would be, “if you like your garden make sure they have a big enough coop to keep them contained because they like to do a lot of digging and they can’t decipher between a weed and a very expensive plant you’ve been nurturing for years!”

Getting ex-caged hens is one of the most rewarding things Lucy has said she has ever decided to do. Fliss is her fifth and she tells us she has had the quickest transformation of any of them so far. “She’s already a bossy little madam which is how it should be! It’s just amazing to see the difference in them as they start to thrive!” she has taken well to home life with Lucy and her family, and she has been given the chance to be a part of it. Fliss and Raven are happier than ever, and that’s what the BHWT love to see!

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