Kowalski’s Story

She is now the happiest little soul, loving life and grass (in moderation)”

Kowalski arrived with Claire and her family a little bit featherless. It was obvious that she’d never felt the sun on her wings, never been outside with the earth beneath her feet and never tasted delicious green grass before.

However, it wasn’t long before she was chomping her way through it, she was getting through it so fast that her crop couldn’t keep up and it became enormously swollen!

It was then that she was whisked to the vet, to undergo surgery to remove the impaction. She was then taken home to start her recovery. She regained her strength after doses of syringed probiotics to encourage her gut flora. It was not too long that her feathers followed soon after and an insatiable desire to explore every inch of her retirement garden. Claire tells us “She is now the happiest little soul, loving life and grass (in moderation)”

Kowalski After Crop Surgery
Kowalski after crop surgery

Claire tells us,Kowalski has grown from being the smallest and shyest of the flock to bullying her way into the food bowls, you just can’t stop her from getting the best food first!

She now makes the sweetest chirping noise when she’s excited, she’s very adventurous, always sticking her beak into new spaces, jumping up on walls and exploring. Her free-range retirement is definitely not lost on her. If she’s not off exploring, she being spoon-fed her pellet porridge off a stick – she’s a very special girl in Claire’s eyes.

Kowalski’s favourite food has to be grapes. Claire tells us, “It took her a while to understand just how tasty they were, but now she’s first on the scene when grapes are offered and can beat any of the others in the race up the garden”. She’s a hen who knows what she wants!

Her new zest for life has made lockdown for Claire and the family much better, telling us that she has changed home life for the better while everyone has been cooped up. There’s nothing better than writing stories about how hens have changed family life, and Claire agrees, telling us “hens make the best pets, they are funny, smart, sociable, and playful”. What more could you ask for in a family pet like a hen! They also make excellent gardening assistants, which makes them even better companions now that the sun is coming out!

If you have a story like Kowalski’s then do what Claire did and get in touch! We love hearing about how the hens that are rehomed change people’s lives and their outlook. Hens can be such great companions and it doesn’t take a genius to see why. Tell us your hen’s story by filling in the form below and attaching some wacky photos of how much she’s transformed!

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