Poe’s Story

This week we got in touch with Tracey who is the proud keeper of Poe. When talking with Tracey it was clear that Poe had had a hard time at the beginning of her life, coming out of the cages frail and with little energy. However, it did not hinder her from making sure that the other hens knew who was boss. Trace told us “terrorising her new sisters, continually chasing and pulling out their feathers. Quite alarming considering they didn’t have that many”.

Poe might have been the top of the flock but that didn’t stop her being the most clueless either as Tracey had to continuously put her to bed each night!  

“The idea of going into the Eglu at night was completely lost on her and my evenings were spent crawling into the run to pick her up and place her inside. ‘Why is it always you’ was a phrase I repeated frequently during that first week”. You can’t help but think “bless her!” Eventually, she got used to the routine and would wait for Tracey to pick her up and put her to bed. She was a typical Sleeping Beauty.

Tracey recalls how Poe’s sisters embraced their new-found freedom by digging up the garden, whereas Poe would sleep, and usually in Tracey’s lap.

“How could I not love her, despite her behaviour. While she slept in my arms she stole my heart. I was convinced she would settle, she just needed compassion and lots of patience”.

She tells us that her reign of terror lasted about a week, but began to diminish each day. After three weeks Poe’s transformation began to take shape, new feathers were coming through, she had turned a beautiful red colour, and she looked calm, and had much happier energy.

It’s also good to hear that she is still top of the flock, and is now doing a great job. Her sisters are no longer terrified of her, but they do know their place. They are all calm and content, enjoying retirement with no more feather pulling. Tracey signs off by telling us “I may not get as many sleepy cuddles now she is better, but she still jumps onto my lap for a quick fuss. Life is good.”

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