Poppy’s Story

Here at the BHWT, we see many hens start their free-range lives. With some hens, all they have is a few feathers and their floppy combs. Poppy was very much like this when she was rehomed to Nicki, one of our BHWT volunteers. She was in a very sorry state, Nicki even saying that she thought she’d passed way at one point before even getting her home. She was completely bald from head to foot and so cold that she was turning purple.

Nicki quickly wrapped her in her beanie hat, placing her in a box of straw to try and keep her warm, telling her that “help is on its way”.  After a trip to a hen-friendly vet and two weeks of critical TLC, Poppy began to perk up a bit. She was given lots of love and attention and Nicki made sure she was being fed carefully to get her strength up.

Her colourful feathers began to return and now she is a beautiful burnt orange colour! She even had her own Facebook page set up so that family and friends of Nicki could get updates on how she was doing as well as spreading awareness of how rehoming ex-battery hens can be so rewarding. She now has over 140 followers worldwide and is truly an inspiration to how these hens can transform after some love and attention.

Poppy has overcome so much in her first couple of months in her new free-range life, it really shows you what a difference it makes to them. And, in Nicki’s words, “it just shows how special these girls really are”.

This week’s Transformation Tuesday has been completely inspiring! Poppy has shown us how strong a hen can be and how far they can come with just enough attention and care.

If you have a hen that has had a beautiful transformation like Poppy’s please enter your details and story into our Transformation Tuesday form! We would like to hear how your hens are living their second chance at life! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your stories online too!

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Are you inspired by our latest Transformation Tuesday? Then why not create your own amazing story by rehoming hens with us? Or, you can give a home to a handsome young man and adopt a cockerel.

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