Pumpkin’s Story

Two years ago, this January, Ellen adopted two hens from Boncath in Wales. One of them she named Pumpkin. Ellen tells us that, to begin with, she was a terrified little hen who didn’t know what was up from down. She says “She was terrified of anything that moved and just seemed like a very unhappy, unloved hen. Everything she did was done with huge caution.” But luckily for Pumpkin life began to look up! These last two years have been an adventure for Pumpkin, she has become friendly and curious and is now one of Ellen’s most settled hens. Ellen tells us “she is now inseparable with her flock.” Pumpkin has just finished her first time moulting since moving in with Ellen and the family. Ellen tells us “her feathers are absolutely beautiful and vibrant!”

Before the hen lockdown, every morning Ellen would let the hens out to roam the field. Pumpkin is always first out and takes flight to stretch out her wings. Pumpkin and her flock don’t stop running around chasing bugs and it’s always a joy to see her finally happy and free.

Ellen tells us, “Pumpkin isn’t a fussy hen, and is constantly finding something to eat. But I presume one of her favourite things to do and eat are flying bugs such as flies. It is really a funny sight to see!”

One major thing that Ellen has learnt from Pumpkin’s transformation is that every life deserves love. She says “just because she’s a chicken doesn’t mean she’s any less worthy of a happy, healthy life than a dog or a human!” Pumpkin is truly one of the family for Ellen.
Ellen also says that a little love and kindness goes a long way, she provides health, love and comfort to Pumpkin and in return, she provides Ellen with company, entertainment and beautiful fresh eggs.

When asking Ellen what she would tell others that are considering adopting, she cannot encourage people enough to adopt hens, she tells us “it has made my life better and just seeing the amazing transformation is truly amazing. It may be difficult bringing ex-commercial hens into a home with an already existing flock but my tip is to have patience and slowly introduce them to each other and they will soon be inseparable.”

Pumpkin now has a family that loves her, as well as a special friend in Ellen’s 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Del. Del is very fond of the hens, especially Pumpkin and her fellow adopted hen Dotty. Ellen can usually find her in the middle of the field with the hens!

Here at the BHWT, it is our dream to see more hens getting the free-range life they were made for. And by sharing these amazing stories we can show more people just how much a hen can be a pet, a part of the family. We love to read these stories every week and encourage everyone to submit their stories! And don’t forget to add some great photos to go alongside!

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