Rose’s Story

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

Rose was named after the flower, and in Shakespeare’s opinion, she was just as sweet as a Rose to Lindsay, her keeper. Lindsay names all her hens after flowers and gardening is a hobby that she and her mum share. Lindsay is one of our BHWT volunteers and she adopted Rose when she was one of the team’s poorly hens. That day, because of her health, she was not able to be rehomed, so Lindsay decided to take her home, all small and featherless and have her live on her front porch for several months while she was recovering. It wasn’t until she grew back some much-needed feathers that Lindsay decided to keep Rose as part of her own flock, being able to then introduce Rose to the other hens.

Lindsay tells us “sadly Rose passed away a couple of months ago, at the good age of four and a half. She enjoyed gardening with my mum and the occasional cheese puff as a treat when I was outside in the garden! She loved to sunbathe next to me on sunny days or sit underneath my chair and purr”. It seems that Rose liked anything that Lindsay was eating and would often make sure the snacks were shared – even a piece of pizza once! If worms or beetles were going in the garden she would also be partial to them too! “she loved to get in the way of gardening”.

Lindsay likes to remember Rose through photos of her, seeing how far she came and how much she transformed from a sad little hen to the most amazing friendly companion. “I miss her a lot,” Lindsay tell us. But those photos also help Lindsay to spread the good word of the BHWT, showing her friends and family the things that she gets up to when volunteering. “They are shocked and a couple of them have said they will never buy caged eggs… it’s the little things that will hopefully influence people’s views on the future.”

And that’s what Rose did for Lindsay. She likes to remember Rose becoming a lovely, healthy look hen. She loves to look back a being in the garden with Rose because she was such wonderful company and Rose always loved being close to Lindsay, like many hens we get to know from stories from our other supporters too. It’s important to share how wonderful these hens become once they get a chance to free-range in retirement.

If Lindsay could encourage more people to adopt hens she would tell you “Just go for it – you will never regret it – they’re such great little characters and so friendly with their own personalities” they will change your life for the better!

At the BHWT we want to thank Lindsay for sharing this lovely story of Rose! Its stories of how hens have improved, that shows people their potential for so much more. It allows us to see how happy these hens become, as well as their keepers! Once they leave our rehoming sites, we love to see how much they change through supporter photos and stories, so thank you for sharing with us!

If you have a hen who has a story to share, just fill in the form and attach some before and after photos of her – we love to see how much they’ve transformed since being rehomed to you! Being able to tell these stories and share how well these hens improve once they go into a loving home is all we can dream of doing – and it’s through these wonderful stories that we see all the good work that we do, truly pay off. Thank you.

Are you inspired by our latest Transformation Tuesday? Then why not create your own amazing story by rehoming hens with us? Or, you can give a home to a handsome young man and adopt a cockerel.

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