Rosie’s Story

Rosie’s story this week is brought to you by her keeper and volunteer Emma. She got in touch with us a few weeks ago, telling us all about Rosie and her amazing transformation. Being one of four that Emma adopted, Rosie was the smallest of the flock. She was a little more skittish than the rest of her new sisters and Emma reminds worrying what they had instore when bringing little Rosie home.

To begin with, she was bullied by the others, being at the bottom of the pecking order, she was constantly picked on. Emma would often find her hiding behind the wheelie bin just to get some peace from the others. It was because of this that Emma decided to separate her from the others, giving her her own space allowing her to sleep in a dog crate at night. This allowed Rosie to grow back some much-needed feathers. Emma tells us “she became a proper people-hen; one evening we came home to find her waiting patiently at the back door to come into bed!”

Since then, Rosie has grown into a big and beautiful hen, going from the bottom of the pecking order to top hen in a flock of six! Well done Rosie! According to Emma, she loves people and will affectionately peck at you to remind you she’s there! No longer a tiny hen, Rosie has a voice like a foghorn when it comes to breakfast.

Emma tells usSomehow, she’s risen through the ranks from underdog to top hen, but she’s still my favourite (don’t tell the others!). Despite all of this, she’s never laid an egg in the whole time she’s been with us! We’ll let her off – growing feathers and being the boss must be hard work”

As top of the flock hen, Rosie’s favourite thing to do is shout loudly. About everything! When Emma added new hens to the flock, Rosie had something to shout about. When Emma is slow in bringing food, or (even worse) when the food has run out, Rosie is the first to raise her voice. We think its safe to say that Rosie likes to keep the flock in order!

When asking what Emma thought she had learned from Rosie’s transformation, she told us she is the hen they are most proud of. They learnt a lot from taking Rosie home and it opened their eyes to what these little creatures go through. She tells us “for some [hens], they need a little more help. But if you can give them that time and effort, even those little bald, sad, bottom hens can lead such a wonderful life”.

One tip from Emma is not to underestimate the joy their transformation can bring! If you are thinking of adopting hens, be prepared to give a little time and energy, to begin with, to help them on their way. But they will reward you, and not just with eggs – although none from Rosie in Emma’s case!

To finish with a few words from Emma:

“Our Rosie is testament to the great work of the BHWT and, after taking on our first little flock, I signed up to become a rehoming volunteer, which I love. Seeing more bald, skittish hens like Rosie heading off to lovely homes gives such a sense of purpose and fulfilment.”

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