Ruby’s Story

If you thought hens were cooped up creatures, you’d be completely wrong! And the same goes for Ruby the hen here. Speaking to her keeper, Evelyn, she told us that one of the main things that Ruby loves to do is to explore! Nowhere is off-limits; not the kitchen, the bathroom, even the upstairs bedroom! She’s the Indiana Jones of hens!

When Evelyn first took Ruby home, she was pale, bald and scrawny. It didn’t help that she was also at the bottom of the pecking order. But now, living her free-range life or three years this year, Ruby is living her best life!

Many of our transformation keepers are asked what they learnt from rehoming and their hen’s transformation. Evelyn didn’t hold back saying “Ex-batts are a little crazy. They have so much personality it’s so lovely to watch them come out”. It’s always wonderful to see how much a hen can suddenly change once they have settled into their new home. Exploring the house sounds like a perfect way to spend a free-range life!

It’s always a blessing to our keepers say that their hens make them smile every day. We asked Evelyn what she would say to people who are thinking of applying to rehome their own hens and she couldn’t have put it better!  “Just go and adopt some hens it is so rewarding”
And she isn’t wrong about that! When you see a hen go from the bottom of the pecking order with little to no confidence to finding her sat proudly on the sofa or one of the bathroom shelves, you just can’t believe how much they have opened up. They really are one of the sweetest creatures out there.

Ruby has been given an amazing second chance and she has taken it tightly with her two wings! Looking at her now you would not believe how far she’s come. We want to see more hens’ transformation and hear about their story. If you would like to tell us about your hen’s transformation, please contact us through the Transformation Tuesday form!

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Are you inspired by our latest Transformation Tuesday? Then why not create your own amazing story by rehoming hens with us? Or, you can give a home to a handsome young man and adopt a cockerel.

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