Sage’s Story

Sage has changed our lives massively – she is so quirky and fun that we spend a lot of time in the garden with her.

Sage was named so because when Laura and her family brought her home, it was sage from the garden that she first tried to eat. When first rehomed she had a bald little butt and was a little dorky. The family nicknamed her ‘Hei Hei’ from the Disney movie Moana because she reminded them of her so much. She was so dorky that she would step on the other hens whilst they were all having a dust bath!

Laura tells us “Sage is the last hen left from our first four ex-commercials. She is now top of the pecking order over her posh friends.” Sage loves to come into the house and when the children bring her in she runs through and waits by the fridge – she’s very house trained to know where the food it!

Sage is very special to Laura and the family. She and her sisters have taught them so much about the way that hens are such great pets. They have also taught them how each hen is so different. Sage in particular has a very distinctive voice when she shouts us for attention!

Her favourite food to eat is sunflower seeds. Laura also tells us that “during the summer my husband had built raised strawberry planters so that the chickens couldn’t reach them. My daughter would pick Sage up and hold her where she could reach to pick herself a lovely ripe strawberry – my husband wondered why we never got many fruits!”

She tells us how Sage has changed their lives massively, how she is so quirky and fun that they spend a lot of time in the garden with her. Laura tells us that they are so glad that they adopted Sage and her three sisters, that she encouraged more people to do it. She tells us “it’s incredibly rewarding to see them go from timid and scared of the ground to digging and sunbathing and following us everywhere”.

Since Sage became the last of their ex-commercial hens, her ‘posh’ sisters take it in turns to sleep on the floor of the coop with her. There was originally four on the floor with the younger girls all perching above but now they make sure she isn’t alone Laura tells us “I like to think they are being kind but Sage probably makes them!”

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