Sia’s Story

Sia was adopted, along with her sister Summer, back in June 2019 at our Devon rehoming site by Catherine and Martin. She was an ex-battery hen who has cooked up a storm in Catherine’s heart and has had a wonderful transformation.

When first getting Sia, Catherine was told she was a Red Shaver, a typically quiet breed. However, it was not long after bringing her home that they realised this wasn’t the case! Sia loves to

to shout, especially when she catches sight of someone in the garden – probably hoping for some yummy treats! 

To begin with, Sia was a little domineering, however, she has become gentler as she has settled in and learnt to trust both Catherine and Martin. Of course, she still leads over the other girls when treats are brought out. She loves a treat!

Sia will eat anything from apples, corn-on-cob, cabbage, lettuce, bio yoghurt and grated cheese. Catherine tells us “she especially loves grated cheese as we use it to tempt them back into their run after free-ranging with it. We don’t go over the top with it though, as we don’t overindulge them”. 

Catherine also tells us “she has recently gone through a moult.  Ever since we got her she had a bald chest that just would not grow in, but, finally, after this moult, she is now fully feathered and has stopped shouting. She now just gently clucks”

It sounds like Sia truly has transformed in personality and physically! It’s lovely to hear that she is now settling into her new home with Catherine and Martin. We asked Catherine for any tips that she would give to someone who is looking to become a new rehomer.

She suggesting that new rehomers should “do their homework! Adopting hens is so rewarding but you need to know what you are doing before you get them. Get a good solid predator/wild bird/squirrel safe coop and run and free-range when you can.”

Catherine has been proudly adopting her hens from BHWT for 9 years now and she loves them! She loves seeing their individual personality come out. 

“We now cover our girls run with tarpaulin so we are Avian Flu ready, not to mention protected from the North Devon weather!   It may sound pessimistic but in doing so we keep our girls safe and healthy which is our number one priority. They free range as much as possible.

One last tip from Catherine us to find a good poultry vet! We have an extensive list on our website that will show you exactly where they are! Just click here.

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