Turkey’s Story

When adopting a new pet, the first thing many people do is name them. This is the same as adopting your hens. When Zoe and her family adopted one of their hens they took one look at her and called her “Turkey”. Not a common name for a chicken but since it was a week before Christmas, it suited her just right!

To begin with, Turkey was a very shivery, scared hen who used to dash around and hide from the others. Zoe tells us “She had no feathers on her body and we considered getting her a bodywarmer!” it being the middle of December, it would have been very cold for the girls. But Zoe tells us her sisters kept her warm throughout the day and night.

Turkey is, of course, part of the family for Zoe. She is the first to dash in for the worm buffet and now that she is allowed out and about, she “follows us all around the garden”. Zoe tells us “She is a very sweet hen, still a bit wary of being picked up but she’s well and truly fit into the flock”.

She makes the family smile every day as they remember what she used to be like and how much she has changed since then. Zoe tells us “Seeing her act like a real chicken is lovely”. Turkey loves to catch worms and do a mad dash around the pen to show off her catch. Her favourite foods are grapes, lettuce and strawberries.

Her overall change physically was the most drastic, the family couldn’t imagine her with feathers when they first got her. But it wasn’t long before her feathers did begin to blossom and with that, her personality became more outgoing and “chicken” as Zoe describes it.

Turkey and her sisters have made Zoe’s flock more complete as they are all such characters. She tells us “Chicken watching is even better now!” Most people who have hens will say that the best thing anyone can do is adopt hens! They provide therapy with their friendly behaviour and silly antics and that’s just what Zoe believes too. They are friends and pets, Zoe and the family talk to them every day and really care about their welfare. She suggests “you just need patience with them initially and it really pays off”.

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