Whitney’s Story

“I really wouldn’t be without Whitney and her sisters. She is the most affectionate hen and she is forever bringing joy into our lives.”

Whitney’s personality was there from day one. We knew she would always be the one crazy chicken. She is the bubbliest hen of the flock and is the first one to greet you when you go outside to see them all.

When Katie first brought Whitney home, she was in a bad condition. Her wattle and comb were pale and her legs were white. She was missing at least half of her feathers and was dehydrated. Her claws were severely overgrown which meant she didn’t know how to walk properly. Katie soon found out that she had a chest infection so got her the help she needed. Whitney was put on antibiotics and pain relief for the first four weeks of her free-range life.

Due to her poor condition, Whitney was often picked on by the other hens, Chaka and Cyndi. And if you haven’t caught on, all of Katie’s hens are named after 80s pop stars! What a wonderful way to name some diva hens! Because she was picked on, it was very difficult for Whitney’s feathers to regrow and for her general condition to improve. So much so that Katie decided that overnight Whitney would sleep in the kitchen in her own fleecy dog bed. Katie tells us “She is now the most beautiful chicken and her condition has improved. She rampages around the house making friends with the rabbit and the cats and will often sit on the sofa next to you” – she’s become a try house hen!

Whitney is a special hen to Katie and the family as she always makes them laugh. She has a very positive outlook on life and demands attention from you at all times! Katie tells us that her favourite thing to do is to race into the house and steal the rabbit and cat food, swiftly chased by Katie!

Katie tells us “I found her transformation a real eye-opener as to what these hens truly go through in life. Whitney was deficient in calcium and vitamin d and she has had problems with eggs. She is now at least 80% better than she was.” There are many things that you should be prepared for when first adopting hens. One thing that people don’t realise before having hens is that they become a true member of the family. And if you have lots of hens, your family is about to get bigger! That’s how Katie sees it as she says her biggest tip for new adopters is “Be prepared for them to be a family member. They are extremely intelligent and require a lot of attention.” They just like having a cat, dog, Guinea pig, or hamster – and they have the biggest hearts!

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