Hen Welfare Art Exhibition!

Posted 5th May 2016 04:32pm by

Congratulations to Joe Philpott, a Fine Art student from the University of Loughborough, for successfully showcasing his new art installation in Loughborough Town Centre, bringing to light the importance of the well being of hens.

The installation, named ‘Letting the Cock Guard the Hen House’ explores the themes of animal and human relations. In particular, the piece aims to raise the status of the hens in a bid to change our perceptions, to ultimately increase the standard of their welfare.

The piece is a taxidermy based installation, staging a moment not usually witnessed – a fox amidst startled hens! This dramatic scene is enclosed within a hen house with an additional exterior focus upon a cockerel poised on a hay bale.

The animals used in this project were not killed for the purpose of taxidermy and died of either natural causes or from unpreventable death, also referenced in Joe’s work.

If you want to see Joe’s work in person, do hurry along – the final day of viewing is 6th May 2016!