The hen whistler

Posted 2nd December 2016 09:00am by

We’ve all heard about obedient dogs – but have you ever heard of a hen who comes running to a whistle?

That’s exactly the kind of special skill that ‘Emma’ the hen has developed since being re-homed by Lucy Brooks-Marchant.

Lucy, from Gillingham, re-homed Emma through the British Hen Welfare Trust’s re-homing point in Biggin Hill in Kent.

And if you’d like to try your hand at hen whistling you can adopt one in time for Christmas!

Lucy, who re-homed Emma in July, said: “I would say that keeping hens is probably the best decision I have made. They are so charismatic and sweet. Just ten minutes with them can improve any day. I cannot imagine life without chickens in it, but a major side effect is becoming obsessed with all things chicken!”

“Emma loves following me round the garden and comes running to a whistle. She is such a sweetie and very good at posing for the camera!”

If you’d like to adopt an ex-commercial hen, thereby saving them from slaughter, you can do so in Biggin Hill on Sunday, 18 December. All you need to do is register online at and then call 01884 860084 to book your girls and make sure they’ll have a free range Christmas! They might even lay you an egg for your breakfast on Christmas Day.