Hidden eggs in wine…who knew?!

Posted 31st May 2016 02:41pm by

Our Free Range Friday campaign helps to make people aware of the use of eggs in processed products as well as being a fundraising opportunity for the charity.

It’s English Wine Week from May 28 – June 5, and it’s a little known fact that egg whites are used as a fining agent to clarify wine. Be honest, did you know that?

Look at the label on wine bottles; some wines are vegan and don’t use eggs in the clarification process, but many do.

This English Wine Week, why not think about having a get together over a glass of wine, or three, with friends or family and ask for a charity donation per glass. It offers a great opportunity to raise awareness of where eggs appear in our everyday foodstuffs, whilst raising funds and having fun.

Choosing products that use British free range eggs supports our great British farmers, and makes a difference to thousands, nay millions of commercial laying hens each year.

Get that wine tasting date in the diary and start planning your event!

We can help you with our Free Range Friday fundraising pack. Call Xiomara (‘Shamara’) on 01884 860084 or email Xiomara.pattison@bhwt.co.uk. Packs include all the materials you need to get cracking: invitation cards, posters, stickers and a handy guide full of ideas on how to make your event a success!