Home some hens and make a New Year’s resolution worth keeping

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PRESS RELEASE – 23-01-2015

Happy ex-bat hens

The British Hen Welfare Trust, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is appealing for kind-hearted members of the public in the Bristol area to contact them now, ahead of their re-homing day on Saturday 3rd January, if they’ve been thinking about re-homing some ex-bat hens.

Since hatching in 2005 the charity has found homes for over 450,000 hens, from 30 ‘pop-up’ locations run by volunteers across the UK; a phenomenal achievement in terms of homing pets. Later this year the charity hopes to meet ‘Dee’, their soon to be 500,000th lucky hen – ‘D’ is 500,000 in roman numerals!

Charity founder, Jane Howorth, said “After receiving so many gifts at Christmas, January is a great time to consider re-homing some of our gorgeous girls, it’s nice a nice way to give a little something back. It is incredibly rewarding to see how quickly these hens settle into their new homes as family pets, rootling for grubs, stretching and flapping wings and generally relishing their new free range lifestyle. Ex-bat hens are naturally amiable, simple to keep, and make ideal pets for families and first time chicken keepers.”
The charity which re-homes commercial laying hens, and educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, also encourages support for the British egg industry. Whilst consumers will often select free range eggs to use in baking and cooking, they are unaware of how many eggs are used in processed food products and checking food labels is the best way to select high welfare eggs wherever they are used.

If you have space in your hen house for a few more p-lucky girls, then call Hen Central 01884 860084 and kick start your 2015 by making a New Year’s resolution to give a little something back!

The charity is appealing for anyone who is able to offer a permanent home to contact them first by calling 01884 860084, or emailing hens@bhwt.org.uk. A donation is requested to cover costs and help save more hens from slaughter. Please note hens must be reserved in advance of the re-homing date.

To find out more and to reserve some hens, please email the charity at hens@bhwt.org.uk, call 01884 860084 or visit www.bhwt.org.uk

Happy ex-bat hens