Hotel for hens

Posted 20th July 2016 12:29pm by

A hotel for hens?! Who knew such a thing existed! One of our lovely supporters, Wendy Turner, has set up just that alongside her farm shop, and has also raised £25 for the charity through her collection tin!

We caught up with Wendy to find out a bit more about this hotel of hers…

How did you first hear about the work of the BHWT?

We heard of BHWT via social media.

Why did you decide to donate to the BHWT through a collection tin?

We had recently opened a small farm shop selling our own local produce, including preserves, grass fed lamb and pork, soy candles and of course free range eggs. We also sell POL chicken, chicks, hatching eggs, etc so we have a regular stream of customers through the shop. We thought it would be a good idea to promote the BHWT in the shop and to allow our customers to donate loose change, etc. it was also good to have for our Free Range Friday event(s).

What do you think is the best aspect of keeping ex-battery hens?

Knowing that they will have a good life in retirement, in contrast to their ‘battery’ life. It’s also very nice to allow them to live their life out in open, free range surroundings….and to get the odd egg or two!

We hear you have a hotel for hens – please tell us more!

We started with a couple of small sets ups a few years ago, really not knowing whether the business would take off at all. We purchased individual Solway Coops made from recycled plastics and placed these individually (for up to six or eight hens), inside secure chain link dog runs to ensure complete security from fox predators. For six months we had no customers but then things started to take off. We now have eight set ups ranging from those suitable for four to six hens to ones that can accommodate up to 12. We’ve accommodated ducks, guinea fowl, Embden geese and all sorts of chickens and bantams. This year we have had several weeks where all eight sets ups are in use and we have either had to turn people away or have them bring their own coops, which we can also accommodate.

Each set up allows hens to be boarded together as individual groups by customer, is 99.9% secure and has plastic feeders and water dispensers dedicated to those guests. Eggs are collected daily and next boxes freshened up…with coops regularly cleaned and kept fresh  and clean with shredded paper from the local school.

Chicken have access to fresh grass as we move the set ups every few days. All in all quite top notch chicken ‘hotel’ accommodation !

Well, those sound like some seriously spoilt hens! For more info visit