Pet Hen Health

Alongside saving 60,000 hens from slaughter every year, the BHWT is committed to improving the welfare of backyard flocks everywhere. We provide support to vets and keepers caring for these wonderful creatures by pioneering new ways to improve and increase the information about hens so their lives are filled with health and happiness.

Veterinary grants

One of the charity’s key strategic aims is to see improvement in veterinary knowledge of pet hens, including diagnosis, management, and treatment options. We offer grants for student vets and vet nurses into research that will improve veterinary understanding of chicken health and ultimately increase the quality of welfare and longevity of pet hens. Read more here.

Online learning

We’ve developed a ground-breaking online Poultry Health course in partnership with the University of Nottingham to increase the knowledge of anyone involved in caring for hens. Available for free and worldwide, this course shares knowledge and experience from specialist vets and BHWT staff to support both veterinary professionals and hen keepers to look after the hens in their care. Find out more here.

Research forum

Hens have been largely forgotten by the research and scientific world, leading to a lack of understanding about how best to care for these birds. One of the ways we’re helping to address this gap and improve hen welfare is by launching an online forum for researchers carrying out some of the first studies into hen health and behaviour to share their projects with each other.

Advice for hen keepers

We offer a wealth of advice and information to help hens stay happy and healthy through online articles, links to hen friendly vets throughout the country and webinars. Anyone caring for a poorly hen can also access advice from our experienced and knowledgeable team by emailing or calling the charity’s free Hen Helpline.

Vet diagnostic facility ???

We collaborated with the USA-based Adopt a Bird Network (ABN) to launch a pioneering online poultry diagnostic guide for vets. The guide will enable vets to easily check symptoms of poorly hens, diagnose them and provide treatment options. UK-based information will be available to access from DATE via the BHWT’s website, whilst US-based information will be available via