BHWT Advice Line

01884 860084

Since 2005 when the charity was founded, with your help, we have re-homed over 670,000 hens. Many of our adopters had no previous experience of keeping hens, but were driven by compassion to improve lives for hens destined for slaughter. Often all that the girls need is a bit of TLC, good food, open space and a secure house, and they will flourish into retirement.

Sometimes though it is not quite so simple. Hens can have problems just like our cats, dogs and other beloved furry friends, and whilst vet knowledge of backyard poultry is improving, we are still often the first port of call for help when something goes wrong.

And, we want to help! We have plenty of experience gained over the years which we are happy to share and we work closely with a number of vets. So if you have a question, a concern or just want to speak with someone who understands the needs of ex battery hens then do give us a call on 01884 860084 or email your question to

Naturally though, the more success we have in re-homing our lovely ladies, the more demand is growing for our support which means more demand on our resources.

So, could you give a small regular monthly gift to help us please? Any amount would be very welcome. The funds raised will be used to fund the activities of the charity including the Advice Line.


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