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More and more of our supporters are raising funds by donating the proceeds from egg sales and they have been an inspiration to us…. There’s something wonderfully fitting about ex-bats enjoying their free range retirement, laying eggs to help all those hens left behind. From selling a few eggs a week through an ‘honesty box’ outside your house through to a regular organised ‘subscription’ egg club – it all helps boost our funds and could mean all the difference to a caged hen.

Di Slaney

Manor House Farm Egg Club

Diane Slaney hatched her club in 2013 and has 60 hens who fundraise for the charity; Di started the club as a way to indulge her passion for hens and help BHWT at the same time.   Di asked friends and neighbours to commit to taking eggs on a regular basis – and worked back from there to see how many hens she should have!

She has raised over £2,000, a sum of which both she and her girls are rightly proud.

The Rising Sun Egg Club

This Egg Club is run by our very own Gaynor Davies and, as you can see, she has quite a professional set up! Not only does this lovely shelter serve as the perfect honesty box, Gaynor tells us her cat also likes to make herself at home inside it on rainy days…well, we can’t blame her!

Gaynor’s flock produces way more eggs than her household can eat, hence why the lucky Okehampton public get to enjoy the fruits of her hens’ labour!

Cindy Farrington

Cindy’s Cheerful Chicks

Cindy Farrington sent us a cheque for over £500 last Christmas – that’s partly due to the willingness of her girls to perform, but also because Cindy’s friends and colleagues are eggstremely generous!

Cindy works at a school, so she has a ready-made audience for her delicious eggs…

Sharon Eversfield

Eggs at Eyton House

Sharon Eversfield is a volunteer for our Shropshire team and unsurprisingly has adopted our ex-bats on several occasions.

Despite being in retirement, Sharon’s girls agreed to continue popping out eggs for the benefit of others, and Sharon keeps an honesty box which customers generously fill!

Georgina Whelan

Georgie’s Girls

Georgina Whelan adopted Tiny, Bodie, Matron, Scampy, Bonnie and Bernie who now happily pootle around her home in Worcestershire and pop out eggs that raise funds that help more hens…what you might call a virtuous circle..

David and Sarah Marek

David and Sarah Marek

David and Sarah Marek first heard about the work of the BHWT when they received a copy of book ‘Tales of the Coop’ from Sophie McCoy (our St Helens Co-ordinator) back in November 2014, and they haven’t looked back since!

David and Sarah set up their Egg Club in Spring 2015, and have been busy selling their eggs to family, friends and colleagues at work, charging £1 for a box of 6. They also sometimes wrap the BHWT ‘Tale of Two Cakes’ leaflet around the egg box, to help raise awareness of eggs in food products  – we think this is a simply brilliant idea, thank you!

Photograph courtesy of Chris Graham at Practical Poultry

Heidi Carneau with hens

Heidi Carneau

When Heidi first got her 8 hens, she realised here was no way that both her and her husband could eat the 6 eggs they produced every day on average.

“It made sense for us to give the proceeds back to the BHWT, so our rescued hens can help save other battery hens!

Initially, we sold the eggs to family and neighbours but when we got our second batch of hens, we had to expand! So we put together an honesty box and sold the eggs from our driveway. Very quickly we became victims of our own success, as regular clients (thanks Nory!) put through for weekly orders and purchased our entire production!”

Heidi has raised a fantastic £200 to save more c-lucky girls to date. A huge thank you from all at Hen Central!

Jonathan and Julie Morris-Smith

Julie and Jonathon first set up their egg club after reading our monthly e-bulletin, Fresh Laid News, which called for BHWT supporters to make better use of their spare eggs. Jonathon explains, “When we re-homed our second lot of lovely hens they were in full lay and we were literally giving them away! It seemed only logical to ask our friends and family to make a small donation towards the vital work of the BHWT.”

In just the first six months of setting up their egg club, Julie and Jonathon raised over £160 for the charity, and have high hopes of doubling that figure by the end of this year.

Beverley Brown

Beverly Brown

Beverly has rehomed 20 lucky hens with us over the years since 2010, and kindly places her surplus eggs outside her home with an honesty box for customers to make donations to the British Hen Welfare Trust. Beverly comments “it was an obvious decision to send donations to the charity when we started selling surplus eggs as it is such a fantastic cause. It allows the hens to contribute something back to the charity they came from.”

Beverly also bakes delicious cakes to share with her friends who often ‘buy’ a box of eggs at the same time – we simply love this idea – what a fantastic way in which to promote the work of the BHWT, whilst eating tasty treats! A big thank you to Beverly and her loyal customers.

Abby Gregory

Abby Gregory

Far Stanley Feathered Friends was set up in November 2012 when Abby chanced upon a house where they sold free range eggs outside. Abby had stopped buying supermarket eggs some time ago so always sourced them locally. The lovely lady there offered to show Abby her hens….and it all sparked from that. She decided to try to collect eggs for friends and clients, and it snowballed over the years, buying them in at £1.50 per half dozen, and selling them at £1.90, with every 40p going to BHWT. Some people even pay up to £2, adding an extra 10p to each donation. Abby collects them weekly (100 – 150 eggs per week!) and delivers them around her local town.

Whilst the chickens laying the eggs are not ex-batts, their laying helps to save the lives of their gorgeous feathered friends.

Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker

Lucy started an ‘Egg Club’ called ‘Guinevere’s girls’, the reference being that her work colleagues at Camelot raise the funds through their generous donations!

Lucy took in 9 lovely hens in March 2015 who have settled in brilliantly and are full of life and energy. They have also gotten used to her latest additions, two young alpacas, who she is hoping will protect the hens from foxes as they get older.

Lucy is very much looking forward to her lovely ladies continuing to lay in the future and selling as many eggs as her colleagues can cope with – we can’t thank you enough!

Carol Pickering with her hens

Carol and John Pickering – Danes Hill Dames

Carol and John Pickering have been keeping BHWT hens for about 7 years now and currently have a flock of 24. Amazingly, they also find time to run an ‘Egg Club’ called Danes Hill Dames. Carol and John believe that their hens are great fun to look after and find it incredible how quickly they have blossomed in their new lifestyle. As a bonus, they provide delicious eggs too, lots of which are sold to friends, and proceeds given back to BHWT so to help other hens at the same time. John and Carol both look after the “girls”, with John doing the early shift letting them out around 6.30 am!

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