Feeding Hens

For the first few weeks in order to help the hens settle, it is useful to place down several feed and water points in order to ensure all birds get access and low ranking hens are not kept away by more dominant birds.  We highly recommend Smallholder Range Natural Free Range Layers Crumble and Natural Free Range Layers Pellets, both of which are available in our online shop. This feed is unique in being GM free, and it’s good to know what your hens are eating, especially when you enjoy their eggs. Both Smallholder Range Layers Crumble and Pellets can be fed to all poultry and provides all the nutrients your hens need. All commercial hens will have been fed a dry mash throughout their lives, so the Crumble is the perfect feed as they start their free range future.

It is fine to feed a small amount of mixed corn in the afternoon, although this is not essential as the Smallholder Range Crumble and Pellets range provide a fully balanced diet.

We only endorse products we consider good for your birds, but if you need further incentive to purchase The Smallholder Range, they kindly support our work by making regular donations to the charity, which we then put towards helping more hens.

If you have any questions on nutrition please contact the Careline on 01362 822904.

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