Find Your Nearest Hen Friendly Vet

Many of us value our hens like our other family pets and want to be able to get professional advice and treatment if they fall ill. Currently most vets get minimal training on backyard chicken diagnosis and care, but with increasing numbers of hens now being kept across the country because of our re-homing initiative, there is a growing demand for specialist knowledge and treatment.

If you see “Chicken Vet approved” next to a vet’s name this means that particular vet at the practice has undertaken Chicken Vet training so is more conversant with the issues of backyard hens. If you do not see this, it means the practice has been recommended to the charity as being hen-friendly, but is not Chicken Vet approved.  Please always ask when making an appointment to see the vet who is poultry trained to ensure you are getting the best possible advice and treatment.


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