First day of freedom for your hens

When you get your girls back home we advise you place them in the hen house and, if you have a small enclosed run, leave the door or pop-hole open so they can venture outside.  If you do not have an enclosure you will need to ensure the hens are secure and cannot simply wander off.  Keeping them restricted will help your hens to ‘become homed’.  If you any doubts please call our Advice Line on 01884 860084.

When they are first let out you may need to encourage them in as darkness falls (or if it rains) and tempt them out again in the morning. As they have been in artificial light for up to 18 hours a day, it takes them a couple of days to get the hang of things! Very often the hens will sleep on the floor of the house initially, but colony hens who have had access to low perches and generally have reasonable leg strength, so will soon learn to perch confidently.  Free-range and barn hens will not have any problem perching.

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