Our supporter’s Free Range Friday™ Events

Laura McCulloch

Laura has held three Free Range Friday events  and has raised over £800 – A super-supporter, Laura also volunteers for Hampshire. Her secret is that she holds the Free Range Friday events in her workplace (Hampshire Council) and she bakes the most amazing cakes…… her Festive Free Range Friday last December raised a jaw dropping £323.40…..

Annia Fabian

Annia Fabian

Annia has held two Free Range Fridays and raised over £450 – Her secret is her large flock of productive ex-batts – and sponsorship from a local Estate Agent. Annia sells food goodies plus knitted items to sell – she won a picture of one of her hens as a special Free Range Friday prize…

Tracey Rawbone

Tracey has her own cake shop so it’s not surprising that the two Free Range Friday events she has run have been so successful – she made special BHWT cupcakes and all the profit came to us.

She even sent some to Hen Central for testing which we think is a great idea!

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