Hen Feeders

When new to hen keeping, the array of hen feeders available can be bewildering; your final selection will be down to budget and personal taste.  Feeding hens isn’t just throwing some corn outside the coop, no matter what the old movies show!

An average size adult hen will need 100-120 grams of feed every day and you can feed a rationed amount every day, or choose a feeder than is large enough to last several days. Ideally choose a chicken feeder with a capacity of at least a 2.5kg capacity which will prevent it being knocked over as the hens run around. Smaller feeders are more suited to chicks.  If you intend to leave your feeder in an exposed run choose one with a cover to protect the feed from rain and discourage wild birds stealing the feed, the 2.5kg Outdoor feeder is a cost effective option.

If the feeder will be used outside then choose one of our water proof chicken feeders with a rainshield. Our treadle chicken feeders help prevent waste caused by wild birds and vermin.

If your ground is uneven you might prefer a feeder on raised legs. The funky design chicken feeder from Feathers & Beaky is a new product in our shop and has an anti-tip design to help prevent wastage along with adjustable height legs making this the ultimate chicken feeder. All Feathers & Beaky products are designed to make keeping free range chickens even easier, and are tested on their own rescued hens.

Other things to consider are your flock size and available coop space.  It is also worth providing more than one feeding point so that the dominant hen cannot guard the food (as she can’t be in more than one place at a time).  Just take a look at our shop for a wide selection of feeders as all profits from the shop go directly towards helping to fund the re-homing of thousands of hens each year.

Feeders in our shop


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