Hen Treats

We know that everyone likes to give their hens treats, however, remember that hens can suffer from obesity too!  We recommend that no more than 1 dessert spoonful out of your hen’s daily food allowance should be treats. We advise sticking to good quality hen specific products such as Hentastic or Natures Grub.

Hentastic Chick Sticks are made with cinnamon & spice. The hens consider them delicious and being 100% natural and vegetable-based they provide your chickens with a tasty and healthy treat.  They are high in protein, vitamins and minerals – and help to relieve stress and boredom.  You can use them with the Hentastic Chick Sticks® Hanging Feeder, or simply place on the ground for your hens to forage. They are available from our online shop.

Natures Grub Mixed grit is an essential addition to a hen’s diet. It aids with digestion and provides calcium which is necessary for strong shells and feather growth. It is available from our online shop.

We certainly don’t recommend feeding kitchen scraps and any meat product is a definite no!

Treats from our shop

Hentastic chick sticks and feeder
Hentastic Foraging Feed
Feeder and Foraging Cake




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