Hen Treats

We know that everyone likes to give their hens treats, however, remember that hens can suffer from obesity too!  We recommend that no more than 1 dessert spoonful out of your hen’s daily food allowance should be treats. We advise sticking to good quality hen specific products such as Natures Grub, Feathers & Beaky or Feldy.

Nature’s Grub provide a range of treats including pecker blocks, hen herbs and treat mixes. They even sell flavoured popcorn for hens! Similarly, Feathers & Beaky have a range of pecking blocks flavoured with fruit or garlic, plus fresh nest herbs and a superfood mix. Feldy Pecker Blocks offer a delicious alternative for your hens – ours loved them! Find all the above on our shop.

Feeding your hens kitchen scraps is illegal (yes, really) so please bear this in mind.

Treats from our shop

Hentastic chick sticks and feeder
Hentastic Foraging Feed
Feeder and Foraging Cake




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