Hot Weather Tips

Summer Tips to Keep your Chickens Comfortable

Access to plenty of cool water is an obvious necessity during times of extreme heat.

Shade is also vitally important; hens enjoy sunshine as we do, but prefer to shelter from the strength of the midday sun.

Provide dust bath areas for your hens, they will appreciate the chance to get ‘clean’ especially in warmer weather.

Ensure your hen house is well ventilated; wire mesh across windows can allow better air flow without compromising security.

Warm weather brings out the uninvited guests in your hen house and early summer is a good time to treat your birds for red mite which can cause them irritation during the summer months.

If your hens are feather bare, you may need to apply sun cream to their skin, or ensure they avoid the midday sun; bald hens suffer from sunburn just like we do.

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