Jez Gelsthorpe

Jez, pictured here with beloved hen Lexi, fell under the ex-bat spell after meeting his partner Wendy. A donation was made to the BHWT in lieu of flowers after Jez’s funeral, for which we are forever grateful. Here, Wendy tells us a bit about Jez and how he developed his love of all things feathery.

“From the moment someone  placed a hen in my arms I was smitten! In October my son Chris and I travelled a 200 mile round trip to pick up our first six girls but came back with eight!

“When I met Jez, he thought me quite crazy having hens for pets but very quickly fell under their spell. Every time numbers dwindled we took in four more. In every adoption there was always one which stood out from the rest. Lucy, Christine, Susan and finally Lexi.

“The first thing Jez did for the girls was to build them a massive enclosure for added freedom and security around the eglu cube & run. It consisted of Harras fencing panels which he welded together. We called the luxury enclosure ‘Cluckingham Palace’. Jez would laugh and curse whilst digging holes for fencing, as the girl ‘helped’ by promptly filling them in, before the post got put in place!

“He put up with being mugged for his lunch and we laughed to hysterics when one did finally manage to steal a sandwich and run off round the field being chased by the others. We laughed at the cats being chased by the girls, for coming too close or moving a little too quickly in their opinion! Not a day spent in the presence of these most wonderful creatures were we not made to smile and laugh at their antics. Jez was highly honoured when Lexi often chose so sit with dad rather than search for goodies with the others. They brought him peace and joy to the end.”


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