Lidle, Aldi and Wilko – Amanda Stanley

Aldi was sadly put to sleep on 17 July – she was the last of our first three ex-bat girls we rescued in 2015.

We named our girls Wilko, Lidl and Aldi. Wilko was the boss and she managed a year with us. I do think trying to feather up, lay eggs and boss the other two about took its toll on her. We got Pie and Nugget because we didn’t want to be left with one hen on her own, but when we lost Lidl in November I just don’t think Aldi ever got over it as they were inseparable – they did everything together, never leaving each others’ side.

I am so upset that we have lost Aldi, but she had the best life a hen could have, like all my girls have had and are having now. We buried her next to Lidl in the garden that they freely roamed together. I know things could have been different for them if I hadn’t taken them on.

The girls bring me so much joy and I have a lot of love for them.

Amanda Stanley

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