Mandy – from Charlotte Miles

I rescued 3 ex battery hens in May 2010. Milly, Molly and Mandy came to live with me in south west London. While I commuted in to town for work, they settled into their Eglu, adding personality to my small garden.

I fell in love with them and their antics almost immediately. So soft, so funny, such a unique drinking style and what wonderful eggs! To me, the sight of a band of ex-batts blossoming is a tonic for the most jaded soul.

I lost my favourite hen, Mandy, in April 2013 to a tumour – there was nothing the vet could do. She was the smallest hen, the most intelligent and with the biggest personality and firmly established herself at the top of the pecking order in the coop and in my heart as well.

She listened patiently to my ramblings on an array of subjects and tolerantly accepted my enthusiastic caresses. Always wanting to be let out to play, she laid the best tasting eggs, lead her little troupe with conviction and I loved her madly. In fact, my partner always said “There are three people in this relationship, You, Me and Mandy.”

I have two of Mandy’s feathers somewhere safe, and she has a beautiful bright red rose bush to mark where she is buried in the garden. My continued love for Mandy has translated in to unabated enthusiasm that her legacy carries on with the adoption of more hens from BHWT. I currently have Holly, and the bake off girls Mary, Berry, Cherry and Nancy.

RIP Mandy X

Charlotte Miles

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