We were disappointed to learn that much-loved household brand McVitie’s still uses caged eggs in its entire cake range, including Jaffa Cakes! McVitie’s, owned by United Biscuits, uses dried whole egg in all its cakes including Jamaica Cake, Chocolate Cake, Fruit Cake, Lemon Cake, Carrot Cake and its Golden Syrup Cake.

The BHWT contacted United Biscuits (owned by pladis – are you keeping up?!) and was told the company uses both caged and free range eggs, but uses only a small amount of free range egg, mainly in its teacakes range. United Biscuits also told us they don’t identify where free range eggs have been used in their products, which clearly prevents consumers making an informed choice when shopping.

If you enjoy Jaffa Cakes, Chocolate Cake or Jamaica Cake contact McVitie’s and let them know you would like to see a free range future for all McVitie’s products!

Social media

Twitter: I support the @BHWTOfficial #BHWTfreerangecampaign! @McVities, please use eggs from free range hens such as mine!

Facebook: I love Jaffa Cakes, but I love free range eggs more! I support the @British Hen Welfare Trust’s #BHWTfreerangecampaign and would encourage @McVities to start using eggs from free range hens!


Contact using the letter template below


Here are two template letters to choose from as appropriate, which you can print and send off to McVitie’s, including a photo of you and your girls for extra impact.

Letter One – for supporters with hens

Letter Two – for supporters without hens

The hens that lay eggs for McVitie’s depend on your hens to help improve their lives…. over to you, wonderful, proactive BHWT supporters.

In the meantime we’ll keep you posted…

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