Millie’s Cookies

Currently every single item on the Millie’s Cookies menu contains egg. The BHWT contacted Millie’s Cookies, which is owned by SSP Group Limited, and on our third attempt were told: “The hens are not free range so the eggs must be from hens kept in cages.”

We need your support in asking Millie’s Cookies ‘for a free range future!’

Social media

Twitter: I support the @BHWTOfficial #BHWTfreerangecampaign! @MilliesCookies please use eggs from free range hens such as mine!

Facebook: I love cookies, but I love free range eggs more! I support the @British Hen Welfare Trust’s #BHWTfreerangecampaign and would encourage @Millie’s Cookies to start using eggs from free range hens!


Fill out the contact form on this page, using one of the letter templates below:


Here are two template letters to choose from as appropriate, which you can print and send off to Millie’s Cookies, including a photo of you and your girls for extra impact.

Letter One – for supporters with hens

Letter Two – for supporters without hens

The hens that lay eggs for Millie’s Cookies depend on your hens to help improve their lives…. over to you, wonderful, proactive BHWT supporters.

In the meantime we’ll keep you posted…

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