Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling is where our campaign began! He spent millions on marketing telling everyone that he was using free range eggs in his ‘exceedingly good cakes’.  And not long after, our eagle-eyed supporters noticed the ‘free range’ claim had mysteriously disappeared from Mr Kipling packaging.

Some digging discovered that Mr Kipling had reneged on his promise and was using barn eggs or ‘cage-free’ eggs! Unsurprisingly this policy change wasn’t accompanied by a multi-million pound marketing campaign.

So, we need your support – again! Mr Kipling listened to you last time … please tweet, Facebook and/or write to let him know you prefer exceedingly good free range cakes.

Social media

Twitter: I support the @BHWTOfficial #BHWTfreerangecampaign! @mrkiplingcakes, please use eggs from free range hens such as mine!

Facebook: I love cake, but I love free range eggs more! I support the @British Hen Welfare Trust’s #BHWTfreerangecampaign and would encourage @mrkiplingcakes to start using eggs from free range hens!


Contact using the letter template below


Here are two template letters to choose from as appropriate, which you can print and send off to Mr Kipling, including a photo of you and your girls for extra impact.

Letter One – for supporters with hens

Letter Two – for supporters without hens

The hens that lay eggs for Mr Kipling depend on your hens to help improve their lives…. over to you, wonderful, proactive BHWT supporters.

In the meantime we’ll keep you posted…

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