Paul Checkley and Twiggy

Paul Checkley adores his hens and told us about the benefits of hen keeping to him: “I suffer from mental
health disease, and being responsible for looking after these girls, and having beautiful eggs as a bonus, has turned my world round. This is “their” time, and they will live a full, free and happy life, after all they have given to us.”

All my girls are precious, but Twiggy stole my heart. When I collected my girls, I spotted her straight away, she looked as if every once of use had been drained out of her. I asked Nic if I could take her with my other girls. I knew she needed that ‘extra mile’ taking nothing away from our other helpless girls. She seemed to have a breathing problem, so the next day I was off to my Avian Vet, and now? She’s running around loving her freedom and, well, giving me more than I could ever give her.

Thank you Twiggy my lovely and beautiful lady.

Paul Checkley


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