Prunella – from Debbie Morris-Kirby

We first acquired 4 hens, including Prunella, last September from Camelford. For 28 years prior to that we had kept Afghan Hounds but decided, after losing our last one, that we would not have any more dogs as we both work full time. However, we found life without any pet unbearable, and after a little research thought that rescuing hens would provide them with freedom and us with less demanding companions. Little did we realise at that time what wonderful characters they are and how much fun we would have with them!

I am not sure who gets the most benefits – they are so happy in their new environment, with different adventures each day, but we have enjoyed immensely watching them progress from shy and nervous creatures into confident, beautiful girls with amazing personalities who love any form of interaction with us humans. We can’t imagine life without them now. Thank you for all the fun we have had with our new extended family.

                                                         Debbie Morris-Kirby


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