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Challenge yourself with a running event

Hundreds of people have become runny eggs and raised hundreds and even thousands of pounds through running – why not join them!

Whether you’re a complete beginner aiming for your first 5k, or a seasoned runner training for your next marathon – people will sponsor you and raise money to make more hens happy. Even a small amount from each of your friends can make a real difference to our work.

For example, John Melbourne completed a gruelling 97-mile run and raised £515 for the BHWT! He took on the Heroes Ultra Crete 2016 in May 2016 and finished in FIRST place!

Deborah Thompson ran her first 5k in June and raised £198 for the BHWT in the process! We are so incredibly grateful to her for taking on what must have been a tough first race.

Gareth Harries (who you can see above!) recently ran a half marathon in a chicken suit, while carrying a donation bucket! He’s in training for the 2018 London Marathon (though we’re not sure if the chicken suit and bucket will be in tow…!)

You can also take part in a Couch to 5k challenge – a fantastic 9 week programme designed to get people off the couch and running 5k in 9 weeks.

Let us know what you are planning to do and we’ll guide and support you every step of the way. Email with any questions or potential fundraising ideas. offers an easy way to ask for donations online and automatically organizes Gift Aid payment to us.

If you’re raring to go, simply fill out the form below to let us know what you’ve got planned, and good luck!

Brighton Marathon

We have five places up for grabs in next year’s Brighton Marathon which takes place on Sunday, 14 April 2019. This gives you plenty of time to train! So, if you fancy a challenge, just fill out the form below or email us at


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