Vera – from Jacqueline Green

Vera started life after being re-homed with 9 other feathered ladies to her new home on our hillside overlooking Lower Nidderdale in North Yorkshire.  She and her girlfr’hen’ds share a three acre meadow with two donkeys, three sheep and two call ducks.  Vera was featherless when she came to us and my husband nicknamed her Vulture, as she looked like a mini vulture with her bare neck and body, but that wasn’t a very feminine or ladylike name so I kept the ‘V’ and renamed her Vera!

She has always been a feisty bird, a real character and a bit of a loner. One day she was rather affronted when a wild pheasant decided to sneak a few layers pellets from the girls’ hopper….not a shrinking violet our Vera….she confronted the pheasant, had a fight and, although the pheasant took flight and it was almost 1-0 to Vera, his parting shot was to lunge at her with his claw. The spur caught Vera’s eye and almost tore it out.  A trip to the vet sorted her out but she no longer has sight in one eye.

Trooper Vera bounced back and enjoyed the Summer months in the meadow without further ado until three weeks ago, when caught off guard, pet sheep Jeffery trod on her by accident and broke her leg! In true Vera style she didn’t give in and here she is with her pretty pink splint!  She had three weeks of pampering and nursing and then the splint was removed. The bone has healed and she now has to learn to use her leg again which, knowing Vera, will happen with true grit and determination. She became the star of the Pets At Home Vets here in Harrogate and all this adulation has made her a Prima Donna. After all she has gone through she deserves every minute of glory and attention!  Don’t you think?

Jacqueline Green


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