Woof – from Heather Cole

The lovely Woof, who was adopted in a group of three by Heather Cole, was entered in the Newark Advertiser’s Pet of the Year 2016 competition in the “other animals” class – and was crowned the overall winner!

After finding out she had not only won her class but been chosen by Newman Watters Veterinary Surgery, which sponsored the competition, as the overall winner Woof was whisked off to star in her very own photo shoot and be presented with a trophy.

Heather was also interviewed as part of the competition, and made sure to mention the British Hen Welfare Trust – thanks Heather!

Heather adopted Woof, Violet and Nugget from us in 2014 and said Woof was her biggest concern.

“She was the skinny one – the one who couldn’t walk properly and always looked poorly,” said Heather. “But Woof outlived her two friends, Violet and Nugget and hasn’t stopped laying throughout her retirement.

“I am just so proud of her,” added Heather. “She has corn on the cob every day and warm mash at night. She chats away to me and she is not fazed by the dog at all.

“She is just incredible, and she is famous where I work at school.”

Woof sounds like an absolute star to us!

Heather Cole

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