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Interested in Adopting Hens? or Can you give some hens a happy home? (tie in with rehoming leaflet)

Who can adopt?

Quite simply, anyone who likes animals! Whilst most of our hens have found homes as family pets in back gardens, others have been adopted by schools, universities, care homes, prisons (yes, really!) and more. You also don’t need acres of land. As long as they can scratch around for bugs and slugs and enjoy the occasional dust bath they’ll be happy. If you’ve got questions about anything, we’re on hand to answer them.

What do pet hens need?

A small, purpose-built chicken coop with a pop-hole and nest box.
A fixed run if you’re likely to be out during the day to ensure the birds don’t fall victim to predators.
A nutritionally balanced chicken feed.
Fresh, clean water daily.

Anything else I should know?

Our hens might be moulting and look a bit tatty to begin with, but they’ll have a fine set of feathers in no time at all.
Hens need daily care with fresh food, water and a poo pick being the basic tasks. The more hentertainment you can give them the better!
Like any pet they need preventative healthcare (such as worming and lice treatment).
The final thing you should know is these hens are addictive! You’ll spend hours of your life watching them go about their daily business, but my goodness they’re endearing, precocious and, in short, life-enriching!

What if I don’t have space for hens but still want to help?

There are lots of other ways you can help including:
Setting up a Direct Debit to help us build a nest egg for the future.
Sponsoring a hen via our Sponsor a Hen scheme.
Leaving us a gift in your Will so you’ll be forever helping hens.