An interview with 14-year-old Lucy Gavaghan

Posted 28th July 2016 09:36am by

We thought you’d like to hear a bit more from Lucy Gavaghan following the recent success of her Tesco petition. It gained more than 280,00 signatures and, following this, Tesco agreed to sell eggs from hens outside of cages from 2025.

Iceland and Morrisons followed suit not long after, and we caught up with Lucy for a quick chat about it.

So Lucy Gavaghan, how are you feeling following the news that Tesco, Iceland and now Morrisons have all pledged to go cage-free by 2025? “I’m elated that first of all Tesco decided to respond to the petition and also Morrisons which has recently responded too! I’m particularly amazed at how quickly Morrisons has made a public commitment .I really hope it follows through with its statement and makes the change as quickly as possible. This is something I hope to ensure.”

Did you ever imagine that your petition would reach and be signed by so many people? “I never could have imagined the scale that either petition has reached. I only hoped they would get enough to get Tesco to listen to what I knew so many people wanted! ”

What would you like to say to everyone who got behind your campaign? And to the supermarkets themselves? “To everyone who has signed, shared and supported my campaigns I would like to say a massive thank you! Without every single one of you, the petition to Tesco would never have achieved success. Also my current petition to Asda and Morrisons couldn’t have possibly created the impact it already has. To the supermarkets going cage-free I would like to say thank you for listening and committing to higher animal welfare. I only hope all the supermarkets uphold their pledges and make the change as soon as they can!”

We’ve seen all the press attention you’re getting – how do you feel about becoming ever so slightly famous?! “I’ve really enjoyed all the media that’s come with the campaigns! It’s been a new experience and I think that it’s really helped spread awareness of the cause and gain new supporters.”

Finally, what are you going to do with all your free time now?! “I’m still working on my petition that is targeting Asda. If they make the change as well, I would like to continue campaigning to raise awareness of the way hens are commercial treated and continue to target retailers that still sell eggs from caged hens. Other than campaigning, in my free time I love sports and being around all kinds of animals!”