Introducing our second BHWT Brighton hero

Posted 1st February 2018 01:58pm by

They’ve signed on the dotted line and training is well under way. So we thought we’d introduce you to the second of our BHWT Brighton Marathon runners so you can show them some love and support.

Last time we introduced you to Amy Robinson who has always wanted to run a marathon. Now it’s the turn of supporter Harry Strutt! Over to you, Harry.

How did you hear about the BHWT?

I heard about rescue hens and didn’t really know anything about it. After researching on the internet I came to the BHWT.

Do you have ex-bats from us? If so how many and what are their names?

We have six ex-bats, collected from Rotherham. Mildred, Ginger and Pecky were the first three. Then we got three newbies on the 16 December: Rita, Betty and Eileen. Ginger was previously in the Chicken & Egg magazine with my little girl Lilly as ‘Star of the month’.

Tell us a bit about them and their personalities.

Ginger and Mildred are the masterminds of the garden. They realised if they fly onto the neighbour’s fence then we lure them back down with meal worm. We tried teaching it out of them by not rewarding the bad behaviour. Now they sit on the back door step pecking at the door until we answer.

What inspired you to fundraise for the BHWT?

Getting the hens has had such a positive impact on our family life. It was eggucational (bravo on the pun!) for the children to learn where food comes from and about animal welfare. When they arrived they are in poor shape but you watch them change day by day physically and mentally. It’s crazy to think our six little raptors would have been killed.

Tell us about fundraisers you have done/got planned to raise money. The wackier the better!

The basics will be sharing the progress of training etc on social media to promote the cause. As odd as it sounds our ex-bats have an Instagram page showing their progress so I’m sure they’re followers will all love it (@UrbanChickenFarmer). With regards to being different and a bit quirky, I’m thinking about running the marathon with a red Mohawk so it looks like a chicken comb (love it!). I also thought about offering an egg to all the people that sponsored us but I’m not sure if the girls can keep up that demand! Maybe a free range bun instead.

Well, we think Harry has got this nailed. He’s got some fab fundraising ideas and we’re sure he will raise lots to help our hens. If you’d like to sponsor Harry (he is running 26.2 miles after all!) you can find his JustGiving page here.