Iron man John runs 97 miles for BHWT

Posted 22nd June 2016 10:19am by

The team here at the BHWT are completely and utterly in awe of one of our supporters, John Melbourne, who not only took part in a 97-mile race (just saying that makes us feel tired), but finished FIRST and raised an incredible £515.

The Heroes Ultra Crete 2016 started on Saturday, 21 May and finished the following day. John finished first in the field in a time of 21 hours 31 minutes, which we think is just amazing – we cannot thank him enough for the hard work, sweat and tears he put in, all for the girls.

Amazingly, John also ran the London Marathon for us in 2014 in a full chicken costume, and missed scooping a Guinness World Record by just eight minutes! He raised £1,200 in the process.

Prior to that, John had taken part in the 74-mile TDS race in the Alps in 2013 and raised £750.

He added: “I would always encourage someone to run for charity as it is an additional motivational tool as you are then committed and it pushes you on to do the training and finish the race.”

John has re-homed 13 hens through the BHWT, and currently has five. They are Kihei, Lihue, Anahola, Napali and Kapaa.

John said: “We have built a big walk in run for them at the bottom of the garden. We have had Kihei for almost three years and despite several trips to the vet and not laying an egg for over a year she seems to be going from strength to strength.”

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