Introducing our London Marathon maverick (oh, that’s me!)

Posted 16th February 2018 09:27am by

Okay, I’ll start by admitting that I’m writing about myself here, so this is odd for me! My name’s Fran, and usually I’m trying to drum up support for all our wonderful fundraisers, so I thought it was about time I did something myself.

To that end, I have signed up to run this year’s London Marathon for the BHWT! It wasn’t a decision taken lightly, but I had already tried (and failed) to get a ballot place so the idea of running it was already in my head. We did already have someone signed up to run for us but, sadly, he has suffered an injury so is unable to run. I’m beginning to realising how utterly frustrated he must be – having now got well into my training I’d be gutted if I had to stop.

Thankfully though, training is going well! I’m lucky that I live in beautiful North Devon so have plenty of gorgeous countryside to run around (admittedly, not so gorgeous at 8am on a Sunday morning when it’s pouring with rain…). I’m also lucky that my fiance happens to be a rather awesome runner himself, so he has written me a training plan to keep me on track. Oh, he also happens to be a sports masseuse too – like I say, I’m very lucky!

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to run 26.2 miles for the charity. Some people may think ‘well it’s just a job, why are you so passionate about it’? So let me explain.

I knew from the second I spotted a vacancy at the BHWT that it was the job for me. I was sat in my lounge reading out the job description to my partner and he turned around and said, “you would absolutely LOVE that job!”. And the rest is history!

My role is marketing and communications officer, which I could easily do without actually visiting a farm and seeing the commercial systems our hens come from. However, I didn’t feel I could truly do my job properly without experiencing a re-homing first hand. So, just a month into my job, I was up at 4am on a Sunday driving up country to visit a caged hen farm. It was a long, tiring day, but seeing the faces of the hens whose lives we’d saved spurred me on in my job.

Fast forward nine months, and I decided it was about time I got some girls of my own! I set my partner to work building us a run in the back garden and before long we had three of our own ex-bats running around, causing havoc and terrorising my cat (the photo shows them meeting for the first time!). I fell in love immediately!

So, here we are. Watching my own hens go from timid, bewildered little creatures to fully fledged sassy ladies has inspired me to want to save more of our feathered friends. Which is why on Sunday, 22 April I’ll be slogging it out at the London Marathon. Besides the training I am, of course, also fundraising. If I’ve said enough to make you want to donate, you can do so by clicking below. I would be so incredibly grateful for your support.

It’s all for the girls!

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