Lucky Lancashire hen is charity’s 400,000th!

Posted 13th January 2014 12:07pm by

PRESS RELEASE – 13-01-2014

It was a red letter day for one lucky Lancashire hen on Saturday as she became the 400,000th hen re-homed by the British Hen Welfare Trust. Named ‘Daisy May’ , the hen was re-homed along with 300 others from the charity’s volunteer re-homing site in Haslingden, Rossendale. The British Hen Welfare Trust has been raising the profile of hen welfare and finding homes for ex-commercial laying hens, otherwise destined for slaughter, since 2005.

Adele Hall, from Haslingden, who organised the re-homing event on Saturday, has been a volunteer Co-ordinator for the British Hen Welfare Trust for 8 years. In that time, she has seen close to 34,000 ex-commercial hens winging their way to free range pet homes.

Adele said:“I am absolutely delighted that our 400,000th hen has been re-homed by our Lancashire Team. All the volunteers, both in Lancashire and around the UK are so lucky to be involved with this wonderful charity and the buzz we get waving the hens off to their new homes makes all the hard work so worthwhile. We also gain the privilege of meeting some lovely people such as Ann and Andrew who have adopted Daisy May, and we wish her well in what I know will be a loving and caring new home”.

Andrew and Ann Horn,the proud new owners of Daisy May,live in Milnthorpe, Cumbria. Ann told us: “This is the 4th time we have had rescue hens from Adele at BHWT Haslingden . After a few weeks of tlc, the hens blossom into beautiful girls full of personality and mischief, each and every one has a different personality! We never fail to be amazed at watching them – when they first walk on grass you can see the puzzlement on their faces, and they love the snow! When we first got them we sat on a bench in the garden for hours watching them explore, and doing things hens do naturally, like dust bathing and digging up their first worms and being chased after by the others, and the way they hang around you when you are digging the garden watching out for a tasty worm to eat – it’s magical !! There is no feeling like going to the nest box and picking out a warm freshly laid egg. Our friends who eat our eggs say that they can tell the difference from shop-bought eggs, the scrambled eggs are fluffier, and cakes and quiches made with them definitely are a different colour and texture”.

“The British Hen Welfare Trust is such a wonderful organisation, they are always at the end of the phone if you need advice and we have great admiration for the people at BHWT especially the Co-ordinators and all their helpers who work tirelessly to rescue these beautiful birds in all weathers. “All we can say is go on adopt some ex-commercial hens – you will be amazed at what you see, the way they develop and adapt to a life outside a cage , and do things that come naturally to them. You will get hooked and definitely won’t regret it!”

Jane Howorth founded the British Hen Welfare Trust in 2005 as the first registered charity for laying hens. From small beginnings the charity has grown and now regularly holds hen collection days using 30 volunteer-led regional teams. Jane puts much of the charity’s success down to its pragmatic pro-British farmer stance and the support and enthusiasm of over 300 dedicated volunteers: “I am thrilled that we have reached this incredible milestone, with 400,000 hens being given a second chance in life, and would like to thank the generosity of the public for offering the hens caring homes, the volunteers for their hard work and the goodwill of the farmers, without whose trust we could not have reached this amazing highpoint.”

To find out more about re-homing hens or to support the work of the British Hen Welfare Trust please email log on to or tel: 01884 860084.