Megan’s eBay change up

Posted 10th June 2016 10:50am by

Our Regional Volunteer Community Fundraiser, Megan Whiteman has just hit the £15,000 mark on her eBay shop, all of which has gone to the BHWT! We are so incredibly grateful to Megan for all her hard work.

We’re handing over to her here as she has some more news for you…

“A change is a good as a rest, or so the saying goes! Well I certainly don’t have time to rest (whilst I’m resting, hens are in commercial farms begging to be released, so who am I to sit around and deny them their freedom?) so that leaves me with the change option!

“A thought has been going around in my head for a while now, is it time to change my eBay username? You all know me as Pinkhank on eBay, it’s an easy and catchy title to remember. After all, I started as a born and bred eBay business woman and then got converted (very easily, I may add!) to passionate Chicken-ism.

“A love of commerce began at a very early age, instilled by my grandma, and now I’m thrilled to be able to put years of accumulated knowledge to good use and help those hens! I’m selling umbrellas in 25 degree temperatures. They make excellent shades against the sun, or didn’t you know that? Nearly got you there, didn’t I?

“But since my commitment to hens will be a lifelong endeavour, isn’t it about time I became Help-the-Hens, or the Henporium? I’m looking for your thoughts and suggestions, and putting it to the vote! Please get in touch and I’ll let all you wonderful supporters decide!”

Email with your suggestions.